Monday, 13 July 2009


Today has been a very creative day for both Troy and myself. He has produced two amazing pieces of art work. They are copied from a book by the illustrator of the Harry Potter books. The Magic of Drawing Cliff Wright. He had a bit of a wobbly and did not think he would be able to reproduce the image in front of him, so together we did the relaxation technique recommended in the book. Once focused he felt fresh and able to proceed without further ado.
I meanwhile sat reading an old Agatha Christie book The 4:50 From Paddington. It has been years since I have read any of her works, and found myself enthralled by the guile of the elderly lady surreptitiously poking about to unravel the truth. I was totally engrossed with this tale of murder and mystery that I was not paying attention to Troy and his drawing. So you can imagine my eyes when they rested upon the end product. I could not believe the maturity captured in the image which gazed back at me. I was so proud of his ability to see an image and then recreate it with so much detail.

The majestic Griffin sitting in deep thought or relaxing was a masterpiece, as far as I am concerned. This is to be a card to the vet who cared for Willow, our dog, over the last two weeks. She was only spayed, so nothing life threatening, but that does not stop you being concerned that who you entrust to do this will be competent and caring. Well at Ancare you can be sure your animals are looked after like they are one of their own. A small friendly vet practice with caring people doing a stirling job. So this card is a thank you for that caring nature and show they are appreciated for being so caring. Sorry bit of ramble there, but I'm sure you get the gist.

I was so amazed I sent a picture to our friend Rima, she gave Troy a lesson on drawing and recommended this book. So Troy wanted her opinion. I think she will be pleased with his progress.
Not long after finishing this picture than Troy takes up pencil again and decides to draw another Griffin. This time he is drawing a picture for a friend who gave him lots of Star Wars Toys. Again this is his way of saying thank you, and I must say I would be more than pleased with one of his artworks, but then I am biased. So Griffin Number Two was produced. This time he is sitting with a cloak wrapped around him, keeping out the cold. He still looks very majestic and more pensive than the other, but I like them both equally. Troy's skill with a pencil changes as he himself grows and develops. He has had no formal training in art, so to speak. Except from the two hours he spent with Rima drawing faces, so his, really is raw talent.

He was very pleased with his work, probably the first time I have not heard him criticise his own work. Which he does most of the time. So his eye must have captured and interpreted the image exactly how he wanted it to look.
I on the other hand am not as able to transpose the image in my mind to the paper, so do not spend that much time drawing. However, I am still creative in other ways. So I made myself new hairbands with feathers on. A very simple project which did not involve too much. Firstly I found the feathers I wanted to use, then bound them with green embroidery thread. This was tied securely then fastened around the hairband. I then put PVA glue on the thread securing it so that it would stay tied and in place on the hairband. I hasten to add the photo was taken before I applied the PVA glue! Then I left them to dry so the glue could harden. Voila I have an original set of hairbands to tie up my plaits.

These types of days invigorate the mind and soul, and later I sat and wrote a piece on ideas just to get some thoughts out of my head. As sometimes they begin to mingle and jumble and I can not think for toffee.
I hope you enjoy these creative items we have conjured up today.
Blessed Be