Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Joyful Times

At last I can settle and write about our time over Christmas and the snowy period. We spent the festive season with my sister, in her house. Which is a bit like going on holiday for us. Troy was very lucky in that he was able to have a room to himself, as normally he has to share with me. This was a great adventure for him, as well as great comfort for me. It is the first time he has had a room for just him and his things, so he has spent a lot of time in this space creating and just being himself. This is something most kids take for granted, unless they have to share with an older sibling, but Troy moved from sharing with me as a baby to living in a van. He does have his own space in the van as he sleeps above the driving cab, but it is not the same as a whole room to oneself.
We had snow the week before Christmas and everyone was getting excited that we may actually have a white Christmas. The South East of England tends to be too warm for snow, but this time the winds were coming from the North East so anything was possible. Canterbury was not cut off completley but there were some difficulties with roads and railways. This became very apparent when we had our stall at the Yule Festival in Canterbury on the 19th December. The turn out was quite poor so we did not sell alot of our wares, but never-the-less we had a good time meeting new people.
Then we set to getting ready for Christmas day and time with the rest of our families. My sister decided we would have a goose for Christmas dinner this time, and I have to say it was a delicious meal fit for kings and queens.

It was stuffed with a sweet and savoury stuffing and lasted about three days in all. She even managed to save the fat for cooking with at a later date. I have never eaten goose before, and although it was very expensive it was delicious and filling. Even Troy liked the meat and stuffing.
New Year was also spent with my sister and her daughter and children. We all saw the New Year in together, toasting with glasses of wine and juice. It was great fun to have the kids around as they are so entertaining, especially when up late as they get second wind.
Then the snow really came to Canterbury. It was thick and fast and determined to stay for a while. We were stuck, our van was snowed in and so we stayed at my sister's as there was nothing else we could do.

Once it had laid and set it snowy claws into the ground we took the dogs over to the University where there is a bomb crater, ideal for sledging down. As we walked throught the woods and fields we were amazed at how the landscape had been transformed by the snow. Of course we had experienced scence like this the first year we were away. You see we had our first winter on the road up in Aviemore, and had snow from 16th December right round till April. Well not constantly, but off and on. So snow covered scences were a delight to behold once again, making Troy wish he was back in the Highlands of Scotland sking on the Cairngorm mountain. The weather had been so cold that the ponds had even frozen over, although neither of us was brave enough to test them out.

Eventually we found ourselves at the site for sledding, and Troy got himself ready to have a bit of fun in the snow. He was lucky to have a sledge from our time in the Highlands, so he could just get on and slid to his hearts content.

This site is good as it has deep side running down to the bottom of the crater so there is far enough to get a good slid on.

Whilst standing watching his exploits, and having a few go's myself of course! I saw a couple of ladies of the older generation whizzing down the slopes on wooden sledges.

Neither of them had any concerns about all the young people around they just got on with having their own enjoyment. They were having a great time, as much fun as anyone else.

I stopped them for a quick picture as I was so amazed to see them flying down the hill without a care in the world. One of the ladies had had a knee replacement, but htat has not stopped her, as they both get out and about all the time. They enjoy life to the full and are not afraid to try new things. For me that is what life is all about, not sitting at home waiting for the eneviatble to happen. Long may it last for the both of them.

As you can see our new puppy Talin has grown as is now bigger than Willow, but that does not stop her from doing anything. We are blessed to have such lovely dogs who love being out and about whatever the weather.
Now the snow has gone, and although there maybe more snow elsewhere we will probably not see that much more this year. Soon we will be back in our own home doing what we do. I hope everyone has enjoyed the snow wherever they are, and not stopped life just because it was too cold, or their drives and roads were blocked. We need to remember that life goes on no matter waht the media and Government say. Don't be afraid just live.