Sunday, 6 December 2009

November's adventures

As we stepped into Novemeber we decided to have bit of fun. We found some old stuff we had been meaning to do and acquired some new additions. I hope you enjoy our latest adventures.

This is a group of fairy houses we found at the back of our van one morning. They had appeared overnight, like a group of nomads. They enchanted us with their little homes, and made us wonder why they had picked this spot to set up camp on. Well why not, this is exactly what we do, find somewhere nice and stay for a few days, so why can't they? Every morning we would peek outside to see if our neighbours were still about, and wish them well.

Then all of a sudden one morning we saw that they had broken up their camp and departed. I can't say I blame them, as the rains had set in the night before and so the ground they had been using was boggy. A shame they had to go so quickly, we had enjoyed their company.

As the weather was bright we decided to take advantage and have a go at making and firing a rocket. It was a bit disappointing, well look at the size of it? Troy had trouble blowing the rocket any distance. Yes this was a rocket you had to use your breath to make take flight. After a couple of attempts Troy was fed up. I have to say so was I, me lungs ain't what they use to be for blowing rockets into space!

This is our new addition to the family, Talin the border collie pup. He is eight weeks old here. We went to Hastings to pick him up, and he has been a joy and a terror. One forgets what puppies are like, so Troy has had to get use to having a ball of fun, which is into all his bits. He has done well in the van, learning quickly to do his business on the newspaper. I have to say he is a quick learner, and our other dog, Willow is a good teacher. For a Staff she has been a good little mum to him, so I have no worries about his behaviour on our travels.

Now we are staying at my sister's in readiness for the Christmas celebrations, so he is having to learn how to live in a house. With so much space, he's not sure what to do or where to go. There are four dogs in this house now, so it will be all fun.
We are busy making lots of trinkets for the Yule Fayre, and hoping to make a bit of money for Christmas gifts. Otherwise it will be much as normal, but with four dogs to walk, and an extra adult to think about. The van is parked up nearby, and will be hibernating for a while.