Sunday, 28 November 2010

A wintery Adventure

As we set out on our daily walk with our dogs we had no idea the adventures waiting for us. It was very cold and overcast, and I knew we were in for a downpour. So I had decided to take a more sheltered path, but when I finished locking the gates I had to change my mind. troy was looking over the sea wall and was smiling. The tide was right out, the furtherest we had seen it out since our arrival nearly a month ago.
So without another thought we strode off down the beach and headed in an easterly direction. Of course we had to get right down to where the sea was, which took us a fair way from the sea wall.

So much space for the dogs to run, in and out of the shallow waters, round and round the sand and silt. They were loving it.
We could explore a whole new world, as this uncovered the mud flats and muscle beds. revealing seaweeds and lug worms. It is so different from the pebbles and shells we normaly traverse across. A bit squealky in places, so you have to be careful not to sink.

This little village was amidst a huge muscle island we found on one of the beaches. It looked very structured to us as we surveyed the layout. It reminded Troy of the fairy houses we have found nestled in moss covered tree trunks in forests we have wandered through. One piece looks a bit like a boot to me!

This pitcure does not do justice to the size of this muscle bed, this is the one the village was found on. The figure to the far left is Troy striding out across the island.
Yes those are snowflakes you can see, as we were in the midst of a blizzard as we continued on our way.

As you can see from Talin here, it was a tad blowy, but he didn't seem to mind too much.

Willow on the other hand had a more pressing engagement. She had found a tyre embedded in the sand, but was going to have a good go at getting it free to play with.
It proved to be stuck well and truly in the mud!

As we headed for the sea wall, having satisfied our curiosity enough with the new land we had discovered. I thought I had better get some snaps of how much snow we had. It looks more like a sugar frosting coating, glimmering.

This sign shows which way the wind was blowing the snow across the sea and land.

To shield us from the wind, we walked back along the path between the sea wall and the oyster farm. The puddles were frozen, so Troy gently stepped across one to find out how frozen it was. Talin stayed back and just sniffed the ice. It looks like Troy is walking towards a crocodile, from the shape the snow had made in front of him.

Even though this plant is frozen into this puddle at least it will still get water, as they are not frozen solid.

I have tried to capture the snow on these grasses, but in reality they looked more glorious than this. There were tiny snowflakes bunched together on the heads and leaves of the grasses, glistening in the daylight.

This was a happy but disappointed boy at this moment. Happy that it had snowed, but disappointed that there was not enough to make a snowball with.

Even the covering on these wooden planks would not have been enough to muster a ball to thow. Never mind it is only the first snow of the season, and who could hope for more. At least we were out in it when it happened and could exclaim our delight in the change of scenery.

Back on the site and we came across these mushrooms glowing under the heavy snow fall they had experienced. Well at least someone got a lot of snow here.

I hope you have enjoyed our adventures which only took an hour of our time and gave us much to talk about and marvel at. I look forward to more artic weather bringing heaps of snow over the next month. I would like it to just stay at bay until after next weekend, as I am doing a christmas fair and want as many people to be able to get there as possible. Not just for me but for all those who are selling their wares there.
As I finish this post tonight the north wind has whipped up and is bringing in that cold howling wind, which makes you glad you are tucked up inside with a warm blanket.
Sweet dreams

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Next Chapter

Where to start? I suppose it should be from where I finished off. That would be February when I last blogged, such a long time ago now that such a lot has happened.
We stayed at Reculver until the beginning of April enjoying the sea and all the delights it washed up on to the shores. Slowly the weather warmed and we started to see the bulbs growing and blooming before we travelled on from the coast to inland.
Due to lack of funds we could not go too far so only went into and around the Canterbury area. Mostly we were wild camping finding woods to hold up for a few days. It was a glorious time as spring slowly started to fade into summer and the days got longer giving us more natural light to work by. We even took to using candles to read by as the light began to fade before heading for our beds at the end of a day.
Troy enjoyed this time walking in the woods, collecting and learning about the natural habit and all the flora and fauna we came across. His reading improved to such an extent he read Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone in just a week, a real achievement for him.
As summer slipped her shoes off to walk barefoot across the land we found ourselves yearning for company, so decided to visit the local campsite in Canterbury for some well earned R and R. We often stop by to say hello to friends we have made, who like us pitch up every now and then. For us it means we can have a bit of electricity, the use of the computer and DVD player, a well earned shower and the use of a washing machine. It can get tiresome washing by hand, but I would not change my life for anything as I have so much more freedom these days.
Whilst at the site my faithful kettle decided it had had enough and the lid lost its screw and the spout blew it top. I have to say I felt sorry for it as it has brewed many a cup of tea, coffee and soup for me over the past six years, so it must have been in need of a rest. Well I managed to fix it up to boil until another could be purchased. Not that I would have gone without as a saucepan would easily boil up water without much fuss, but a kettle is such a delightful thing and lets you know when it has done it's job. So now I am now the proud owner of a hand painted enamel kettle with a ginger tom playing with a ball of wool. This was painted by Martin Leman, who at the time of purchase I knew nothing about, who has painted several pictures of cats in many guises.

I was over the moon when I received it as it fits right in to our motorhome, and nestled on the stove looked as though it had been there all its life. I look forward to years of happy boiling.

Our dogs have grown, and I am now the proud owner of an elegent collie lurcher and a very small staff who get on like a house on fire. I am very lucky with both as they are good natured although Talin, the lurcher does bark a lot and very loud at that. So he tends to frighten people, which is no bad thing when you live in a van and wild camp alot. They both love to be out of doors and can't wait to get out for a long run every day, which keeps both Troy and I fit.

Here's Troy in the middle of the University of Kent's Labyrinth. We have walked this many times as the dogs hare around across the open field in front of it. As you look out across you can see Canterbury Cathedral towering over the city. We have found many labyrinths on our travels across the British Isles, most of which follow this basic design. I like the feel of finding oneself as you meander round the twists and turns until you reach the centre or the core of your very being.

During one of our stays on the Canterbury Campsite we encountered this very unusual motorhome. Yes it is a plane, and the gentleman who owned it had converted it into a caravan of sorts. A bit cramped for my liking but he was happy with his lot, and it caused quite a lot of interest from other campers during it's stay on the site. I hasten to add he towed it behind his car, and did not drive it away. Though Troy and I thought it would be funny to see him take off from the site and fly it out.

Well summer danced her way through until she met up with autum and as the Harvest moon approached we suddenly started to see an abundance of mushroom and toadstools appear. As is our want we started to look out for them as they gathered in groups around fallen trees and leaves. We had to be careful not to step inside a fairy ring in case we were whisked off to fairy land. Anyway as the days passed drawing nearer to the full moon we realised they were gathering for their harvest ball, to celebrate and give thanks for their crops they had gathered ready for the winter. Pretty much like we use to do when we did not rely on the super markets to do our harvesting for us. It was lovely to watch as they grew and multiplied until after the full moon when suddenly they were gone, so our theory was right they were here just for the festival and then moved on to the next place and next party.
Well now autum has started to slide away making way for winter to don his cloak and shroud us in cold and dark days and nights. We are drawn inside early now and as the light begins to fade earlier and earlier. We are making the most of the daytime though regardless of the weather, as the dogs still need to stretch their legs and run as far as they can. We find oursleves back at Reculver beside the north sea, which throws up new delights each day. So much beach combing to be done and new finds along the shores, we relish this time and await the snow as the next full moon is upon us. Although as I write this tonight she is hidden from view by the blanket of cloud which blots out the light she would be shinning down on us from on high.
I wish you all a happy time and look forward to reading your comments, although I hope not to receive some of the more unpleasant ones I came across on my last blog.
So for now I bid you farewell and sweet dreams.