Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Egg Trail

This was the start of
our Quest to find the
clues to find the missing word. If you discovered the word you would be rewarded with an Easter egg. Yum, but only for kids, not big ones though!

As we climb up
beside the mountain stream we enter into woodland, with the majestic pines standing tall and straight. They stand in uniform rows like soldiers on guard, keeping out unwanted visitors. We find them inviting, as are the moss covered mounds which dot the forest floor

As it is such a lovely day we have brought a picnic with us. So we stop at a newly sited picnic table. It stands of the ridge of a hill overlooking the campsite we are staying on. The sun is very warm, enough for us to have our jumpers off. Yes we are in Scotland, and it is that hot!

This fallen pin tree made a good home for Stig, as he shows off his habitat. He is so pleased you have stopped to take a look at his home. Troy loves this side of exploring, as you get to be who you want living how you want. He could have got in underneath as it was quite big, but I really didn't want any more mud caked clothes. So he is standing at his doorway.
This is a beautiful wood, which leads to Glencoe village (as mentioned in the earlier blog) or back to the path we are currently following. We have only a few clues left, but Troy already knows the word is butterfly. That will not stop the search, as we have to follow the trail of red wool tied around trees marking our way.
We are enjoying ourselves to spoil it.

We make it back to the Glencoe Visitors Centre
triumphant in our quest, so all that is left to do is redeem our prize. Troy get an Easter egg, which is gone before you can say Peter Rabbit. So there is no picture to mark his victory. He declined on the face painting, so I made a bid for that treat. As you can see I chose a butterfly, which was the answer to the quest. Troy also received a monkey climbing a palm tree, no not the real thing but a balloon model. Again there is no picture because it slipped my mind. We were both so enthralled with the skill the gentleman inflated and squiggled his balloons into a bouquet of flowers, a teddy bear holding a flower and then Troy's prize. It truly is an art form I have to say. Alsa now the monkey and part of the tree have popped so there will be no picture evidence from us of this skill. I was also remiss in not getting the gentlemans details to let you know more information on him. So please forgive me of this sin on this occassion.
On return to our van there was nothing left to do but finish off the rest of the eggs and chocolate, leaving us happy and bloated.


Pam said...

How lovely to see you and Troy on your Easter adventures. Husband and I were in this part of the world three years ago and loved it.Scotland is certainly a wonderful place, somewhere my husband needed to return to, having ancestral ties there generations back.It was such a special time for us with great memories of out of the way places. We avoided the big cities and headed for the more deserted and atmospheric Highlands.What wonderful memories you are making also!

Rima said...

Wow what lovely scottish forest :)
Sounds like you two had a great day!
Wonder if Troy is drawing some gruesome character there on that picnic bench?!
Love from us two in East Anglia at last! xxx