Thursday, 12 March 2009


This is the height of luxury, I have a brand new carpet fitted in my van today and it is lush to walk on. Oh yes I am happy, happy, happy to have got rid of the original one as it has had so many things spilt on it over the last 5 years. You don't want to know what has hit the deck, or been brought in. So now the van is smelling very nice indeed, and looks like a 5 star hotel. Ok not quiet, but I would stay here, oh yes I do!
Troy now has to take his boots off before getting further than just inside the van. Don't know how long that one will last but it's worth a try. He was dead excited about the whole thing, even woke me up to tell me this morning that the event was happening today. He became bored very quickly when he couldn't help, well I mean how many does it take to fit a carpet as big as this?
I have also become the proud owner of a new duvet, one you can't see the daylight through, and last night was like barbados. Can't imagine how I've put up with that old thin thing for so long, but then we adapt. Along with the duvet I brought a new duvet cover and pillow slips, Sorry this must be very mundane for you all reading but it's a big event in our small world. So I now feel like the princess and the pea when I sit on top of my bed, it's so fluffy it makes my bed seem huge.
It feels good to bring new things into your life and although these are small compared to others I chrish them just as much. It seems to shed a new light onto all around, a bit like the countryside at the moment as the buds start to open and show their delicate colours to all who are looking.
As I reflect on the days events I know that we both have entered a new chapter in our lives, having discarded a lot of unwanted and unused items to make way for anything that may come along we need. I have been looking at changing our van as space is becoming a bit short. When we embarked on this journey, Troy was 5 and although we had downsized quiet dramatically we still had a few bits and pieces. Now he is 9 and we were down on living space, thanks to a lot of possesions we had acquired. So it has been very refreshing to go through all our stuff and decide what is necessary, a luxury and never seen the light of day for ages. The later tends to be the items who find themselves in charity shops waiting for their next owner. Very little is thrown away, unless it is broken of course, as we love to browse charity shops ourselves so know our stuff will find a good home.
Troy has grown as well and is a strapping nine year old, who is almost as tall as me, so you can imagin space can be tight. I have decided the next van will be less orthodox and more alternative. I had to have the security of a modern motorhome at the beginning. Well this was a big thing and although it felt right it was still a bit scary, and I didn't fancy breaking down or being totally ostracised and lost. I was already lost as a person, so to be lost with a five year could have been disasterous. I also did not know anyone else who travelled or owned a van, so had no-one to bounce ideas off. He has been a good van, taking us to many places I never even imagined existed. Now I am ready to through off that mantle and own something a little more than just a van, but something that will help us become a bit more self sufficient in every aspect of living. I have no fixed ideas or desires for perfection, as I know I can rememdy most things now, one way or another. So I am open to whatever vehicle comes my way at the right price, then we will have to sell Brian our faithful companion. It does seem a bit hard, but then we do the same with people. Not sell them of course, but come and out of their lives, upgrade them for different people with different outlooks. The important thing is not the sadness of it, but the lessons we learn and take forward into our own lives making them more enoyable every day.
It has been a forceful Full Moon, which makes me more reflective than normal, please excuse the tangents.


Rima said...

Hey you worked out the comment thingy :)
You write well... congrats on the new carpet!!!
We shall be coming to walk our unbooted feet on it soon we hope :)
We feel trapped in a sort of garage hell at the mo... not quite the beach eh..
And... we have abuse tales to share too when we see you again!
Hugs xxx

Kim said...

I think that everyone takes certain 'luxuries' for granted. Like a warm bed and a safe place to sleep. It's lovely to read how much you enjoy the carpet and duvet, and may you continue to do so for a long time :)

Kim x

abigail said...

Tis a gift to be simple, and thankful! Welcome to blogland and I'll look forward to visiting you on your journeys....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful :-)