Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunshine to showers

Yes it really was that sunny even though the sun still does not have all his strength yet.
We have been couped up not being able to go for long walks, as our little dog has been in season. I'm so glad it's not like that for women nowadays. Three weeks she has been confined to barracks, but today she was chomping at the bit as I pulled forth her collar and lead. Once we were on the grass track she was off snuffling and snorting her way through the undergrowth, smelling all the fresh spring smells. She spied a Pheasant and took off at a pace, but the damm thing took flight. She is a Staff cross Jack Russell, so not so fast to catch, but boy can she give it a good go. She has had good training, as her best pal is a Lurcher with Greyhound cross. So she's off like the wind, with Willow keeping a close second. It was good to see her enjoy her freedom even if it only for today, as I'm told she will still have the scent until after this last week. Never mind at least the odd walk is in order if nothing else.
We had good fun as well as Willow. We went walking and wood collecting with friends, Rima and Tui, for their wood burner. Troy found loads of interesting things along the way, and fell back into old habits very quickly. At one point he was so far behind I only just heard him calling for me to wait. It's amazing the rubbish that gets dumped on woodland paths, a few old fridges sank dejectedly into the mud abandoned as they were no longer of use. It's such a shame people can't take the time to dispose of things more sensibly, wouldn't like to find a kid trapped in one of those!
There was so much wood lying around on the floor that it was difficult to know where to start, but we all pitched in and gathered together enough wood to light the fire for a few days. Of course when I say we all pitched in I mean the adults! Troy was off exploring and teating out the gadgets left by other wanderers, even found a couple of rope swings to have a go on. Willow, well every stick you found she would pinch and destroy for you, 'that was what you wanted of me!' her eyes say as she looks longing up.

Everything is packed and ready for the homeward journey,Troy has been allocated a back pack with wood in to carry along with Tui, but when he gets it on his back he nearly topples over onto his face. Yep a bit heavy for the little fellow. So us women are going to have to help out and share the load as we go. Troy does not escape, he is given a bundle of sticks tied up with his string he found, see everything has a use even after it has been thrown away.
Troy and Willow head off together, and it's difficult to tell which one has the most mud on them. Willow has drunk from a puddle, yes I know it is water, but when she turns round it looks as if she has had a drink of chocolate. Her mouth is covered in mud,but she doesn't give a stuff she's having a ball thank you.
As we hit the final leg of the walk we are aware of looming storm clouds and the wind whips up letting us know we are in for some rain soon. Thank goodness we are nearly at our destination, I don't think I could bear wet muddy clothes. Back at the van and I de mud everything before relaxing to enjoy a well deserved cup of tea. It's only later that it starts to rain, but we care not as we are tucked up in our home entertaining ourselves. The rain does not last long before the sun pokes his head through the clouds challenging the rain to stop. There will be a rainbow shinning giving a gateway to another realm just for the briefest of moments, so be quick and hop inside you will be delighted with what awaits you.


Rima said...

Blimey.. I've barely recuperated from the walk and come here to find you've already written every snuffle and stumble of it!!
A lovely day wasn't it.. and nice to see the blog growing :)
We are enjoying the wood by the way ;)

Danielle said...

I spent Sunday avoiding the sun (hayfever time again....). However enjoyed not having to mark and prepare for the following weeek.
But guess what I am doing now: marking again :-(
xxxx see you soon

Spirit of Old said...

Hallo, I heard about your blog through Rima's blog ... welcome to Blogland! (Gosh, how many "blogs" can you fit into a sentence?!)Loving reading it so far and looking forward to reading about your travels :)

Lou @ Spirit of Old :)

Clare W said...

Well done with your fresh new blog - I shall look forward to more posts!

Nita said...

From across the pond in NH, USA, I'm delighted to read of your roaming adventures. I've only been to England a few times, mostly London, so I love hearing about the countryside life.

Anonymous said...

found you from Rima's blog.

just wanted to say that your dog is too cute! i love a big-headed dog.

Kim said...

I too am enjoying your tales of adventure :)

Kim x

Pam said...

Visiting from Australia, via Rima.I follow with interest. I'm a nomad at heart! I've travelled much but finding it harder these days.I look forward to your travels.

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