Friday, 6 March 2009

Reflection and recuparation

Having survived the stormy weather of the other night, in that I did not succumb to sea sickness, we have been rewarded with some beautiful spring days. The frost was hard this morning, but was gone by 8.00 when the sun shone his golden rays warmly onto the earth. Later in the day I found out that it had snowed yesterday a little way outside Canterbury. Which is really amazing, even though again the sun quickly envporated it with his rays. So spring is really dancing her way around the countryside, getting ready to kick off her shoes and throw her coat to the wind. I love this time of the year, when everything is fresh and new, after a long sleep. However, Winter lurks in the shadows just waiting for a chance to bite back, even if it is ever so briefly.
The bad hair is in need of revitalising, and I await with baited breath the day its colours compliment spring in all her glory. Yes my hair is really an accessory which I like to play with and change according to my moods. At present it is neatly tucked up in a Mrs Pepperpot bun, with a spike poking through for good measure, so it's a bit plain and simple at the moment waiting for its tramsformation.
Our travels are a bit few and far between at the moment, as I am working at the local College, but at Easter we will be journey up north to visit friends and relax in the moody atmosphere of Glen Coe. It seems ages away, but in reality it is only about 4 weeks time. So we yearn to leave the city life behind and hit the peace and quiet of the Highlands of Scotland for hill walking and just being with friends we made so long ago now.
Our friends with the horse box have given us lots to think about how we could spend life travelling again, and we are both enthusiastic to get on the road and try our luck. Whilst we wait we will spend our time learning and earning, as not only do I teach students but also my son as well. He has been home educated since we first went on the road, and has enjoyed the freedom to learn at his own pace. Which sometimes is pretty speedy. The other day he was very fortunate to have a one to one lesson with an artist friend, who taught him how to draw faces. Wow the by product of his time spent was amazing, and today he produced another drawing of the same caliber. I have to thank you Rima for your help and time it was priceless.
These are exciting times as spring changes the colours and feel of our landscapes, and so it is with our lives, as they burst forth from new ideas culminated over the winter season.
Spring forth and live long


Rima said...

Ahh thanks for that Tracy.. :)
I thoroughly enjoyed the drawing lesson with your lovely boy.. :) I think he has much talent and potential... it was a pleasure to show him some of the nuts and bolts of the craft..
We are chuffed to be your neighbours for a spell too :)
xx Rima

Rima said...

PS - we are turning off the generator right now so you can sleep!! Hehe :)

Kim said...

How lovely to be at the fledgling start of your blog. Thank you to Rima for the link :)
A nomadic lifestyle sounds so fascinating, my Great Grandmother was a Rom, but I've clearly taken after the farmers side of the family, despite having grown up in a town! What a mishmash :)

Kim x

Blondie said...

Hello, found you through a roundabout way of clicking links from one to another - the fun of blogging is in the finding (and reading). I shall have to come back and keep up with you and your travels.
Always blessed,

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