Tuesday, 3 March 2009

old to new

Well blow me down if that did not work just as it should. Have no idea why the gremlins decided to play with me last night, but I'm thankful they have let me off tonight. Now for my delicacy of words to start my blog off properly.
Hello one and all, especially those who have dropped by to read about our travels. We have been on the road since October 2004, Oh not that long then I hear a cry. Well in the greater scheme of things no, but in house living that's quiet a long time for me. The biggest difference is that when we get fed up we just move on and find some new adventure. Just like a snail with its home on its back, and funnily enough we have snails on the cab doors. Yes the van is called Brian, after a favourite TV personality. No not Big Brother, The Magic Roundabout of course, which other Brian could travel at those speeds eh!
For this I will have to talk about what is happening now, but have put together a little something about our very beginnings, no not the universe us as travellers. That is for another time, when I stop time travelling. By this I mean living now but writing about the past, I haven't actualy time travelled, as yet!
So where to begin, well I suppose this little venture is as good a place to start. I have heard about blogging for sometime, in fact since I was first on the road, but have never plucked up the courage to have a go. Then a couple of weeks ago we met some really nice people, with whom we have become friends, who have enlightened me on the wonders of blogging. Well in fact gave me a lesson in how to do it.
At the moment I am practising but will endevour to make things as entertaining as possible. Adding photo's as they are taken, don't hold your breath though as I'm not that good on that front either.
Whilst writing this I am having a bit of a Dorothy moment, as the wind buffets the van about. We are a bit exposed here, but it's wind and rain so I know it won't get too fiercesome. The sensation inside is very much like being in a boat on a rough sea, glad there's no duty free aisle.
With that in mind I feel the need to lie down and have a sea sick pill.
Ship ahoy!

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Rima said...

Hello! Wahay you did it!
That bottom pic is the view out of our window at the mo!
Bravo... and welcome to blogland :)